lauantai 11. toukokuuta 2019

NEGATIVE SLUG - Knee Deep In Raw Sewage TAPE (GOD#5)

Zagreb sludgeboys are very active. Here's 22 min of new shit!
Released by Grindfather Productions, Gate Of Deliria 
& One Armed Man Records.
Limited to 100 copies. 5 €

ITSESAASTUTUS - Cumming Of The Filth TAPE (GOD#4)

Helsinki Death 'n' Grind!
Released by Gate Of Deliria & Suoli Nauhat
Limited to 80 copies. 6 €
On B-side: Itsesaastutus - s/t (2014)

T-SHIRT, 12 €
Gildan Heavy Cotton 

ART BY: @daniel666.1

perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2018

NEGATIVE SLUG - Bliss Of Corpse TAPE (GOD#3)

Negative Slug is groovy sludgecore with "excorcised" harsh vokills.
The band comes from Zagreb, Croatia. And been active since 2015.
Europe tape version released by Gate Of Deliria.
Limited to 66 copies. 6 €.

keskiviikko 31. tammikuuta 2018

SLAVE HANDS - World Rid Of All Living 12" (GOD#2)

Screen printed covers: 150 black (50 red SOLD OUT).
Incl. lyric sheet. 
Released by Gate of Deliria & Sewer Prison


"Old school sludge filth appears to be rearing its ugly head in Finland at the moment. 
After two tape releases, a 7" and a split 10" with Cicutoxin, Slave Hands finally offer their debut full-length album and it's a real treat for maniacs who enjoy bands such as Noothgrush, Autopsy or Grief. Nasty, bleak, downtuned, rugged and guaranteed to turn your smile upsidedown." (Kaos Kontrol)

torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

SEMTEX / WOODRUE - The Other Side Effects / Gas Huffer -split LP (GOD#1)

Finally. Recorded two years ago. Now this sludge piece is out. Helsinki sludge rules.
Released by KRH Records and Gate of Deliria. 333 copies with insert.

"Semtex plod through two tracks of their smoked-out, fucked-up Bongzilla-styled sludge and Woodrue deliver one side-long piece of filthy groovy sludge in the vein of great bands as Buzzov*en, Cavity and Noothgrush." (Kaos Kontrol)

Semtex The Other Side Effects
Woodrue Gas Huffer