tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2021

SLAVE SECT - Skull Surgery 7" (GOD#9)

 SLAVE SECT - Skull Surgery 7" 

• Hand carved, single sided clear 7" lathe cut w/ spraypainted 09PV logo on the flipside.
• 300g/m2 sleeve.
• Includes a 09PV stencil, 2x button and a sticker.
• Limited to 33 copies (hand numbered): 
5 x chrome paint (for labels and band only), 
7 x white, 9 x red, 11 x black, 1 x black / white mix, sold randomly.

sunnuntai 5. tammikuuta 2020


Two fast band from middle of Finland.
You can call this Grind/Powerviolence,
but it doesn't matter. These are HEAVY.
FUCK-USHIMA bandcamp / soundcloud
FOSFOROS bandcamp / soundcloud

Co-released with Rämekuukkeli-levyt
329 black vinyls with lyric sheet. 13 €

keskiviikko 23. lokakuuta 2019

FROGSKIN / TASER - split 12 " (GOD#6)

"After 15 years of existence, FROGSKIN 
returns with a punishing 15 minute ultra doom track, 
featuring a noise collaboration by Mikko of Slave Hands/Fricsvel. 
Finnish newcomer TASER
who released their much acclaimed debut "Social Exclusion Blues" last year,
 offer two face-ripping slabs of feedback sludge 
with hate-filled distorted vocals." (Iron Coffin)

Review in Finnish

200 black & 100 dark green vinyls, 13 €.
Greens for the bands.
Released by

lauantai 11. toukokuuta 2019

NEGATIVE SLUG - Knee Deep In Raw Sewage TAPE (GOD#5)

Zagreb sludgeboys are very active. Here's 22 min of new shit!
Released by Grindfather Productions, Gate Of Deliria 
& One Armed Man Records.
Limited to 100 copies. SOLD OUT.

ITSESAASTUTUS - Cumming Of The Filth TAPE (GOD#4)

Helsinki Death 'n' Grind!
Released by Gate Of Deliria & Suoli Nauhat
Limited to 80 copies. 6 €
On B-side: Itsesaastutus - s/t (2014)

T-SHIRT, 10 €
S - M - L
Gildan Heavy Cotton 

ART BY: @daniel666.1

perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2018

NEGATIVE SLUG - Bliss Of Corpse TAPE (GOD#3)

Negative Slug is groovy sludgecore with "excorcised" harsh vokills.
The band comes from Zagreb, Croatia. And been active since 2015.
Europe tape version released by Gate Of Deliria.
Limited to 66 copies. SOLD OUT.